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Nepal: A Shaken Beauty

  Though their country was disastrously torn only a few days before, children blissfully enjoying a warm afternoon with a flock of pigeons around the Vihara Dharma Kirti in Kathmandu. Space is one of the main features of all journey, and Nepal –one of the world’s poorest countries– never fails to attract travelers of all nation to fill any void. From the prairies of Chitwan, to the thick snow of Everest. The dusty city of Kathmandu with its diverse culture and English-proficient locals seeking a little income, is a location often chosen by the travelers. Also is the city of Pokhara with the World Peace Pagoda (commonly known as the Shanti Pagoda). In Nepal, Buddhism (and Hinduism) is a firmly-held teaching. For they believe that what the Buddha teaches, is not only goodness, but also how to be a purposeful individual, be that to themselves or others. More than dozens of ethnic descendants of Indian migrants, Chinese, and Burmese coexist in Nepal.  Herds of bovine are let loose, and mo